5 Easy Implementable Online Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

Are you in the Construction business? Are you finding it hard to generate more leads? Have you tried marketing online? If you are relying on word-of-mouth strategy then try online marketing. You will be amazed with the results you will receive through online marketing.
Online marketing can be very easy, effective and easy to implement after doing the initial research and planning.
Online marketing is constantly evolving and it’s important to keep abreast and work accordingly. Here are 5 easy marketing ideas to implement especially for a construction business:

Marketing on Social Media

Marketing on social media is an obvious answer but choosing which social media platform to use for a construction company can be more challenging. Narrow your social presence to one or two platforms and plan accordingly. The options can be Facebook and LinkedIn. Advertisements on Facebook allows you to hyper-target your Facebook audience.

Engaging Content on Social Media

Creating a social media company page is easy but building good content to catch the attention of your customer to engage in is very important in order to generate leads Here are some points to base your posts on:

  1. Photos
    Photographs of your company’s activities, employees, and ongoing and completed projects are helpful to gain your audience’s attention.
  2. Videos
    Videos are desirable in engaging your audience with content. However, according to research its only 10 seconds in which to hold your audience to keep watching Successful videos often feature an educational aspect or a work process.
  3. Educational Posts
    Educational posts with tips and facts can be of interest to many people. Their attention through “Did you know” posts is proving a popular method where infographics can be included.

Managing a Website

Developing an eye-catching website is desirable to attract people where the audience hopefully becomes converted into customers or clients. The web-page must show your products and provide a description and have a good CTA. The most important quality is for your website to be mobile friendly and easy to access.

Marketing Campaigns

A good marketing campaign should include the following points:

  • A good marketing Strategy
  • Advertisements
  • Content as segmented for each target market
  • Constant Tracking
  • Analysing of results


When you seek further information, most people to search on Google. This is the same for customers. When they are searching for construction companies, they would Google first. The next task to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to rank first on the result page.
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