6 Important Factors You May Not Know About LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the best options to build your business and professional network.
More than 380 million use the free version of LinkedIn globally.
With the release of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, building relationships and social selling have become much easier. This tool provides a whole range of features for professional marketers that allows sales teams to tap into B2B market.
With time many improvements and new features have been added to Sales Navigator giving marketers an edge to generate leads and increase their business development.
Have you been keeping track of all the updates on Sales Navigator?
1. LinkedIn Data Validation
This year, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has introduced LinkedIn Data Validation which helps to identify leads and contacts who are no longer connected to the business they were
previously involved with. It uses real-time intelligence to update the contact data in your CRM automatically.
For example, whenever a saved contact changes his company, he will be flagged as ‘No longer at company’.
This helps to filter and analyse the contacts, and whether you can make a business deal.
2. Mobile briefings
With the recent redesign in the Sales Navigator, a new feature was introduced – Mobile Briefings. It allows you to sync your Sales Navigator with meetings automatically. It provides updates and insights regarding perfect LinkedIn profiles, relevant company pages allowing you to quickly familiarise yourself with all the latest information prior to attending a meeting.
3. Dealbook
Managing pipeline reviews is a chore for sales professionals. With the implementation of Dealbook in Sales Navigator, it has become more efficient and easier for sales professionals to manage their pipeline.
Dealbook provides an easier way to identify the ideal prospects, manage deals and make changes to the information directly.
4. Campaign manager
Last year Campaign Manager was integrated into the Sales Navigator tool which helps marketers to improve targeting.
While running an ad campaign, marketers can target their ideal leads and accounts. This facilitates both marketers and sales professionals to obtain accurate and up-to-date sales data. The campaign manager in Sales Navigator enables you to view how prospects or targeted buyers are engaging in.
5. Recommendations by account
If you are looking to connect with the right rospects, lead recommendations is the area to focus on.
Sales Navigator recommends leads and contacts based on your search history, profile interactions, sales preferences and updates on decision makers.
This assists in finding the right and ideal prospects to build your lead list.
6. Sales Navigator CRM sync
With CRM, it is easier to log activities in Sales Navigator. It includes new widgets that will allow you to look into LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile details as work history, job titles, employers’ details and more. Now with just a single click into your CRM, you can log onto InMails or call from the Sales Navigator iOS or Android app.
With the constant updates and changes, LinkedIn is making a major shift in sales and marketing within B2B organisations. LinkedIn is providing opportunities for business owners to diversify their businesses. This gives the business owners a higher sales closure rate and better returns on investment.
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