7 Tips to get motivated & make strong sales in 2017

The world of sales is exciting and unnerving at the same time. If you want high payoffs you will have to take high risks. And for taking high risks you need to have confidence. Confidence is the key to success and for making strong sales. Everything works out for better when you are riding high but there are also downtime when things don’t go according to plan. At these times you will to be motivated to keep going, even when there is less or no sales.
For you to stay motivated, here are 7 tips on how to get motivated to make strong sales when there are unfavorable conditions.

1.  Strike while the iron is hot.

When you have just made a sale, don’t stop and relax. You need to keep the momentum going. Right now your confidence is high. You are more alert to opportunities around you. Waiting around won’t do you any good. Idle time will only rust your sales skills.
Having previous sales will also give confidence to potential buyers for making deals with you. Start thinking about how to get sales up, make a plan, get out there and start pitching to get those potential buyers. And this is where your prior sales comes in handy as it provides positive impression on future buyers.
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2.  Develop a positive attitude.

If you go around moping about things not working out for you, then this is not the profession for you. Find a 10 – 5 job. But before you do just that, hold on for a little while and have some faith.
Keep in mind all the great things this profession has to offer – your earnings don’t max out, living in luxury and not getting stuck inside a cubicle. You can’t have all these nice things without a little sacrifice. If you want to play in the big leagues, you have to work hard and earn it. Greater risks yields greater results.
Success and failure go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. It doesn’t work like that. You need to remember there is ‘Yin and Yang’ to balance things out in this profession as well. When you hit a rough patch, don’t say ‘I give up.’ just yet!

3.  Stay focused.

Do you still remember the feeling you had when you put all your hard work into a project and it was a great success? Because you kept your focus on the task at hand you had a taste of success. Never back down once you have started something. There will be times when things work out as planned while a few challenges will be thrown your way as well at other times.
Don’t lose your focus. One thing that can help with it is to tell others about your project or what you intent do. Once it is out in the open, you cannot go back on your words as it will seem unprofessional and shows lack of commitment on your part.
Thrusting social pressure on yourself is another way to get motivated to improve your sales. You don’t want to be that guy who is all talk and no action. Now you have to be responsible and see it through the end, even if it is the bitter end.

4. Remember the basics.

When you keep on being successful, things start to come easy and you start to forget the hardship and your sales skills also starts to get a little rusty. This will eventually lead to your downfall. So, when you are riding high in success don’t forget the basic stuffs, the skills you learned and developed overtime to be boost your sales and crave out the path to success.
And when you are going through difficult times, stick to basics. Find the things that you are good at and the skills that got you to where you are now. These are your basic strengths and it’s at these down times that you need to use them strategically for continuous and greater success.

5. Find your success pattern.

From the beginning of your career there are strings of things you did that led to your success. Well it’s time to go back and see if you can draw out those series of events that helped you make strong sales.
Was it research, planning, networking or referrals? May be it was your positive thinking on the outset, reading great books on achieving your dreams, attending seminars on how to be successful, watching or listening to sales DVDS and audios. Whatever it was, find it and get yourself in shape to make great sales. Find what makes you tick.
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6. Create healthy mind and body.

When you are busy being successful at making strong sales, you may start to ignore the health of your mind and body. Find time for yourself from the hectic schedule to work on your well-being. And if you are having hard time in your profession, don’t let things get out of control. Stay healthy. It’s astounding what an impact healthy and fit body has on the mind. You feel good about yourself and are happy. When you are fit and active, the result can be seen in your work as well.

7. Stay in the company of best people.

You can either surround yourself with active and vibrant people or you can mope around all you want, talk about how things are bad for you etc with the bunch who don’t do much work. All you are doing is wasting your precious time.
Time which if you stay in the company of the best and the brightest in your profession would have made you want to come up with ideas for breaking boundaries and think of innovative ways to achieve your goals.
Seeing others working hard and thinking smart ways to be successful, will motivate you to do the same. So, adopt one of the best advices out there – surround yourself with the best of the bests and you will become one of them!
Well these were 7 tips on how to get motivated to have strong sales and keep yourself in the path to success even in difficult times. Are there any other things you could do to motivate yourself to boost sales? Share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear them.

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