Disrupting the disruptors – EY and G20 YEA

An exciting session which aims to showcase how digital platforms will play a major role for tomorrow’s successful companies in G20 YEA China, September 2016 on the topic ‘Disrupting the Disruptors’.
SMEs are driving considerable growth from new digital tools and platforms. How will the young entrepreneurs drive the next generation of growth using a digital platform strategy is a key question to be considered.
EY Plenary session Panel Guide: “Disrupting the disruptors- disrupting youth entrepreneurship with digital and data: the digital opportunity to empower young entrepreneurs for growth”
“Disrupting the disruptors” report highlight below agenda:

  • i. Role of digital and data
  • –  How important are digital technologies, big data and analytics to your business?
  • –  Are any or all of these a differentiator for your business?
  • –  When you think about digital, data, analytics- what are you doing to be more strategic in their use?
  • –  Can you see any emerging opportunities or threats in how digital, data and analytics shape the landscape for young entrepreneurs?
  • ii. “Digital natives” and entrepreneurship
  • –  Do you see any differences in how you’ve tested, grown and are working to scale your business compared to earlier generations of entrepreneurs in your field/your mentors? Where do digital technologies fit into this?
  •  iii. Disrupted business models
  • Business model:
  • –  What are the major challenges and risks to your industry or business today?
  • –  Can you see digital/data having an impact on your business processes on strategy?
  • –  What does “e-leadership” mean to you?
  • –  Is this a key differentiator for your business?
  • –  If you had to choose, would you say your strengths are in business management, or technology?
  • –  Where does management responsibility sit in your business, as compared to technology/data and analytics-focused functions?
  • Technology:
  • –   How is technology contributing to your business growth?
  • –  Is your team mainly composed of technical/ subject matter specialists, or generalists/managers?
  • –  How is digital/data/analytics a differentiator for your business?
  • –  Have there been any “step changes” in big digital, data or analytics in your business model?
  • –  What are the major challenges and risks?
  • Data:
  • –  How are you treating data/analytics in your business? Is this an asset? Something you are trying to monetize? What about privacy?
  • –  How do you view collaboration/information sharing?
  • iv. Policy recommendations
  • –  What do you need from your government and regulator to help you best use digital, data, analytics to grow and scale your business? [can ask generally, or ask across the five pillars of the ecosystem ie. Access to finance; regulation & tax; culture; education; coordinated support]

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References : EY and G20 YEA

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