Create Impact with Your Executive Voice

***Adelaide ***
Thursday 28th March 2019

Whether or not you’re a CEO, you still have a professional network with whom you want to interact, inform, and/or influence…Engaging more effectively on LinkedIn will give you an edge.” Jeff Weiner (CEO – LinkedIn)

In this presentation, you’ll learn how you can leverage the power of your LinkedIn profile to create a maximum impact with minimal cost.

Come along and you’ll learn:

  • How to curate powerful conversations
  • New ways to package and sell your expertise
  • How to amplify your executive voice in collaboration with your marketing and PR teams
  • How to build your visual brand
  • Multiple ways to directly engage with your targeted audience through LinkedIn

Bonus: Executive Playbook Series: Content Curation – valued at $197

Date: 28th March 2019 (Thursday)
Arrival: 7:30 am
Start: 8:00 am
Finish: 9:30 am
Cost: $97
Venue: The Watson, 33 Warwick St, Walkerville SA 5081