Getting New Business: What’s Working Now

If your business has been affected by COVID19 – and you’d like to know how to recover quickly but sustainably – then this workshop is for you.

This will be a presentation like no other.

No long-winded formulas or methodologies – just the core steps to attracting and retaining customers and clients in the post-COVID world.

Join 3 business experts to learn the key communication, marketing and service “hacks” that you need to implement in the next 30 days to attract and retain more clients and to lay the foundation for your business recovery and growth.

Our driving force is to give you exactly what the title says – What’s Working Now.

We’ll give you the post-COVID Roadmap to:

  • POSITION your business as a trusted provider in uncertain times
  • ATTRACT more clients in 30 days
  • RETAIN them long term, saving you time and money in finding new ones

Here’s what was happening BEFORE the coronavirus changed the business world:

  • 90% of buyers could see LITTLE DIFFERENTIATION between businesses – which leads to them deciding on price alone
  • 70% of customers did NOT FEEL VALUED
  • 65% of supposedly “satisfied customers” NEVER BOUGHT FROM THE SAME BUSENSS AGAIN – which meant they were “out there” and open to a new offer

And since the coronavirus hit, things have got worse than that. Greater uncertainty means LESS customer loyalty.

But despite the havoc the coronavirus has wrought on business, it has provided us with one big opportunity: to be the business that survives and grows by understanding what customers want now.

So, join us to learn the steps you need to take in the next 30 days to take advantage of this opportunity, before others do:

  • POSITION – communication expert Gary Edwards will give you the exact positioning framework and words you need to use to be seen by your potential clients and customers as the TRUSTED and PREFERRED provider
  • ATTRACT – online marketing specialist Prabin Gautam will show you the core steps to using LinkedIn and other social media to attract exactly the types of clients and customers that you are looking for and – more importantly – who are looking for you
  • RETAIN – business development expert Bev Friend will show you the customer service actions that are working right now and the key numbers you need to track in your business so that you know exactly how to retain your clients and leverage them to get high-value referrals

At the end of this session you will know:

  • How to use the Dimensions of Trust to craft a message that will position you as the “obvious choice” for your potential customers
  • How to use LinkedIn and social media to quickly attract the types of customers who are most likely to buy your product or services
  • How to serve your customers so that they want to stay with you and refer others to you

We’ve survived the storm – it’s time to get new customers and build your business.

Join us to learn What’s Working Now.


Date: 29 July 2020, Wednesday
Time: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm AEST Zoom Live cast