How To Start Digital Disruption?

Starting out in any sense can be daunting. As human beings, being fearful of failure is normal and taking risks in our business can be frightening but necessary.

Attempting to break through the digital world is no different when it comes to taking an anxious leap and hoping we make it. Like any other business strategy, there are ways in which we can measure our success and various steps to we can take to ensure our plans work.

Success always stems back to research, forming a solid plan and implementing in such a way that is going to evoke a response. Here are 3 important things to take into consideration to ensure that you thrive in the digital economy.

3 Things to Know About Digital Disruption

Know your Audience

Time and time again, you are advised to figure out your audience – identify who they are and what they need. It’s the oldest marketing tool in the book but too often, business owners are not picking up on what their customers are doing.
A customer’s habits and behaviours are equally if not more important to know than just their demographic. If you know that your clients love certain social media platforms – this is where you need to be.
Having a stronger social media presence than your competitors will essentially help you gain more clients and viewers. It is all well and good to have profiles but make sure they’re consistently updated, accumulate large followings and provide good content.
By good content, we mean content that is different, engaging and relevant. Make sure you are producing content that your customers want to see.

Know your Competitors

You can’t get ahead unless you know what other people around you are doing. Your customers are not the only people you need to keep in mind when you’re brainstorming innovative ideas & strategies.
We recommend keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing so that your ideas don’t overlap too closely. See to it that you don’t fall behind on current digital trends while your competitors are right on top of them.
Competitor analysis and evaluation is important to improve your own content. If you find what most people are reacting to – find a way to improve it even further.

Know your Stuff

Oscar Wilde said “You can never be overdressed or over educated.”and at VIS, this is a motto we live by.
There is always room for improvement in the business world. And there is no harm in accumulating as much knowledge, and learning as much skills as you possibly can.
You can never be too skilled in digital trends, and to be at the top of the digital game, it is necessary to be up-to-date with what’s happening on various digital platforms and social sites.
In sum, any master piece deserves a first draft. Grab a piece of paper and start from scratch before making any huge moves. The key to success is preparing yourself first.
Want to upgrade your knowledge and skills on digital disruption?
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