How to stick to your 2017 New Year Resolutions?

Every time New Year rolls around, we start with New Year’s Resolutions whether it’s getting in shape, starting a new business or learning a new skill. We feel high and good-spirited. We are optimistic about the future and think everything we start in New Year will have great outcome.
As time flies by, we become busy in our work and family responsibilities. Then we slowly start to push back on our resolutions. By the end of January or February (a few of us endure for longer before giving up) we all forget about these resolutions. Ever wondered why?

3 Reasons why we fail to keep our New Year Resolutions

  1. We see resolutions as results. What I mean by this is, we assume that by just having these resolutions we will achieve them by the end of the year. We don’t think-through these resolutions. We don’t think about how we will achieve them, we don’t make a proper plan which directs us to achieve these goals.
  1. Resolutions are made in spur of the moment i.e. when we are high-spirited because of the holidays. We think we can conquer the world, no matter how absurd it may sound! Around this time, we are filled with positivity and don’t comprehend the difficulties and challenges we may face in the coming year while trying to achieve these goals. Failing to prepare for these uncertainties become downfall for our newly set and daring resolutions.
  1. Most resolutions aren’t daily activities. And this is why many of us fail in seeing through our resolutions. When we get out of the holiday fog, things get real. We become rapt up in our daily chores and ordeals. We are more focused on solving and finishing our everyday work whereas resolutions that don’t require your daily commitment fall flat.

Take for instance- working out. It doesn’t require you to go to the gym every day. You can start with 3 days a week which is good enough, then go for a break of a day or two. But then these breaks slowly start to get longer and soon we stop working out altogether.
While these things may be the reason why most of us fail in keeping up with our resolutions, there are quite a few of us who achieve them with outstanding results. So, how do they do it?

How to keep your 2017 New Year Resolutions?

how to stick to your new year resolutions
It’s actually quite simple when you think about it. Basically, New Year Resolution is a promise made to yourself.
What matters most here is what you think and how these resolutions and decisions will help you further grow as a person and improve your life, both in business and personal. Think of the future in which these decisions/resolutions will help you.
Make a commitment to something that is meaningful and valuable to you.
If you make a resolution for 2017 about learning to surf, answer these first-

  • What is your main reason to take on surfing?

Is it because you love the ocean and/or surfing?
Is it because you want to get in shape by being active outdoors in a sport like surfing?

  • How will this help you grow?

Is it by learning a new skill or sport?

  • What will keep you motivated to keep going at it?
  • How will it affect you?

What I am trying to say here is- just don’t think only about the gains and loss from an activity, BUT think about it in-depth and what it means to you. Does it match with your personal value and beliefs?
These belief systems of ours is what ultimately drive our decisions. Be clear on these and make resolutions that will add value to your life. In short, you have to have a strong reason for making resolutions that will motivate you to keep your resolutions every single day.
Stop following the crowd & start following your heart!
Stop thinking about other’s resolutions. They are making them for whatever reasons they might find beneficial to them or is meaningful to them.
And be sure to make plans for executing your New Year’s Resolutions to see it through. How will you go about achieving your goal by the end of 2017, planning is what guides you to what course of action to take. So have a sold plan to back you up when you see yourself faltering.
A way to measure the result. Don’t make vague results like- “I want to be able to dance this year.” Instead make it something like- “I want to learn to hip hop dance by July.” Or “I want to learn to play guitar by March.” So, you end up tracking your progress. This way you know whether you have achieved your goals or not.
And lastly, don’t do it alone. If you can help it and do it with your friends, or in a group who can tell you when you are slacking off, and not working hard enough, you are making yourself accountable for your actions. You have to answer them why you haven’t done it yet. This means you have a support system who can encourage you to take the step to achieve your New Year resolutions.
So what’s your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017?

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