Is Marketing really Necessary for Warehouses?

A warehouse is essentially defined as a confined storage space for goods. In a more technical definition, a warehousing is the assumption of responsibility for storing goods and making them available when requested for release.
If you are running a warehouse and distribution and is looking to expand your market base to ultimately increase your ROI, then an effective marketing plan should be in the works for you. Without an effective marketing strategy for your warehouse company, you risk the advantage of getting seen and be known for your services. Marketing is essential in every warehouse business to determine and develop the product and services the target market is willing to pay for.
Before Going further let’s understand how warehouses work –

Warehouse Functions and Benefits:

warehouse functions

  1. Storage.
    Surplus goods can be stored and supplied when needed by the business.
  2. Ensures Regular Production/Time Utility
    Warehouses hold good for business owners to ensure the availability of commodities when demand is high.
  3. Price Stabilisation
    They play a big role in setting price points on supply and demand.
  4. Risk Bearing
    Goods that are stored in warehouses are open to all kinds of risk, both man-made and natural. The warehouse keeper must take due diligence in the protection of the goods under his care.
  5. Financing
    Some warehouse offers loans and take the goods as collateral until the obligation is paid.
  6. Grading and Packing
    Majority of the warehouses acts as third-party providers of facilities for packing, processing and grading goods and commodities.

Importance of Warehousing in Trade and Commerce:

Warehouses operate to bridge the gap between production and consumption. They provide storage to allow manufacturers to have enough to distribute when needed.
They provide proper storage and ensures the good stored do not lose quality over time. They also provide storage for good and commodities that are seasonal but have a high demand all year round.

Why You Should Do Marketing for Your Warehouse:

warehouse marketing
Warehousing is a lucrative business, but the operations involved require heavy machinery and detailed process. If you are running a warehouse, and you want to expand your market base to ultimately increase your ROI, then a strategic marketing plan is what you need to ensure you understand and meet the demands of your potential customers.
Marketing is the only proven method to attract the attention of potential clients. Effective marketing strategy determines the direction and scope of the goals you want to achieve for your business.
Marketing is necessary in warehouses because:

  1. As a marketing intermediary, warehouses act as extended representative of product manufacturers. For warehouse distributions, this is a crucial strategy to ensure their visibility to other potential clients. To advertise what they do and what they can and what other services they can do to improve promotion, selling and distribution of goods.
  2. It informs. It is important in client/consumer education.
  3. It levels the playing field for every business in the space by according exposure to products and services.
  4. It sustains a warehouse presence in the space. It acts as a food and medicine that keeps the business visibility to targeted clients.
  5. Engages the past, present and potential clients, by making worthwhile conversation on various media platforms. It helps forge a bond in B2B and B2C transactions.
  6. It increases your sales. This is always the goal of every marketing plan.
  7. It helps the warehouse company or any business to grow. Marketing expands the market base by finding ways to connect and serve potential clients.

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