Play to become a WINNER – Not just for survival

Businesses exist with several purposes but the sole purpose is to WIN or NOT TO LOSE. So which side of the game are you on?
If we talk about Apple and Starbucks, they are the ones who are playing to win. They are the ones with aggressive marketers and proactive marketing strategies. Struggling companies/startups are the ones who are playing not to lose with talent recruiting and overall strategy. It’s about survival for them. However, they always have a dream to win.
In this blog, we will introduce you to THREE key points that will help your business to grow by playing to win rather than cautiously playing not to lose.

  1. Take the risk of “Change”
    You are an entrepreneur. You have a business. But why are you an Entrepreneur?
    Prabin Gautam, a successful digital entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist in Australia says, “We want change. We have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to boldly go where others normally do not go. We want to have a unique experience with tangible belongings where creative minds could kiss the height of success. And of-course, we challenge our customers to implement change to keep abreast with a demanding environment.
    Adapting to the change is a necessity in the marketplace and this is a crucial point for Prabin to play the game to “WIN”.
  1. Focus on your own invention
    Invention – This is the main difference between companies who play to win and those who play not to lose. Those who play not to lose are lagging behind their competitors. But those who play to win stay focused on finding the uncommon ways to make their businesses better. They are continuously searching for strategies to invent products which are not yet in the market place to gain a leading edge.
    For example, if Android and Apple had not thought of inventing something new, the mobiles would not have developed into portable mini-computers and would have remained with limited capabilities of calls and texts only.
  1. Focus on growth of your business
    Those companies who are playing not to lose are finding ways for survival rather than growing their business. But those who are playing to win are in a constant battle to increase their market share and presence with increased profits and opportunities. They have a goal set and compare their outcomes to their last goals. By comparing results, they become more precise and their vision is clear for setting strategies of “what’s next” in their business.
Since you have read this blog, what is your next step? Hopefully you have some new ideas and are on your way to start playing to WIN.

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