Grow your business, See the expert way with the help of trusted mentors

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and business owners is finding solutions for different business issues. Our sought-after mentors understand the issues and work with you on strategy, planning and problem solving through collaborative ways and tailoring the need of your business to meet budget, goals, and timeframes.

Meet the Team

Brad Tonini

The Sales Strategist


Sales Training

Learn how clients buy, learn the language of customer engagement, how to convert more incoming leads, and how to increase the value of every client relationship. Your team will get invaluable tips and strategies on how to deal with different types of clients and upsell without feeling sleazy.

Prabin Gautam

The Digital Entrepreneur


Marketing Training

Position your business as the definite choice for your clients and prospects. Discover ways to acquire, grow, and retain loyal clients. You will learn ways to create maximum impact at minimal cost.

Brad Tonini

The Sales Strategist


Referral Marketing Training

Your team will learn how to effortlessly encourage referrals from existing patients without appearing to be desperate or pushy. We also train your team on how to get more unsolicited referrals and how to be more referrable.

Gary Edwards

Leadership Communication & Negotiation Expert


Cultural and Communication Skills

Train your team to manage conversations to build trust and increase your conversion rates. Our tailored communication system for your business gives you a focused and coordinated communications system that helps your entire team grow your business. Our strategies ensure every team’s interaction with your clients is a positive one.

Bev Friend

Business Coach


Leads to Retention Training

Learn ways to systemise your business to grow you profit and build asset to make a real impact for you and your future. We provide you with practical mentoring to you and your team to find solutions, read the indicators to make good decisions, help plan and keep you accountable to build and grow your business.

The Digital Perspectives