Why LinkedIn for Small Business in 2017?

There are over 12 million small businesses on LinkedIn. If you are not one of them, it’s about time you join in. As there are a number of social media platforms to choose from for promoting your business, you must be wondering why LinkedIn? Without further ado, here are 7 strong reasons to encourage you to take the leap.

1.      Bring in new customers

The best way to bring in new customers is the recommendations from family and friends as well as trusted source. If your current customers are happy with your products and services, they will recommend them to others as well. Word of mouth is much valued when it comes to bringing in new customers.
For instance, if you have a great experience eating at a certain restaurant, you will want to come there again and bring your friends and family too for a pleasant time. But, if you have a bad time or experience you would not recommend them to anyone. This goes same for other products and services as well.
That’s why providing a great experience is essential to have a strong word of mouth promotion. Always ask your happy customers to recommend or write a review on your LinkedIn profile for your products and services which will be shared to their network in LinkedIn as well. Repeated referrals from your LinkedIn connections are a great way to gain new customers for your business.

2.      Stay in connected with people who care.

LinkedIn is the perfect space to be on top of the people who care about what you do. Since there are fewer status updates and there aren’t much irrelevant content, your posts and messages will be seen and engaged with. LinkedIn is filled with professionals and most of whom will stay in connection with you for business reasons. These are people who care about your business and want to stay updated with your dealings. When they need any service or product they will instantly recall you and connect with your for assistance.

3.      Outsourcing services from the experts

You always find someone else to help you out when you are not an expert at a certain thing that needs to be done. For this you can ask your LinkedIn connections if they can recommend a professional in their own network who will get the job done whether it’s photography, event management, marketing or advertising. Well, you get the gist. And this goes other way around too, they can recommend your services and products to people who are searching for the kind of work you do.

4.      Building network inside your industry

You can easily find industry connections via LinkedIn’s various group directories, you can even join relevant industry groups yourself. This way LinkedIn helps you get in touch with possible prospects and start a conversation with them.
In these groups, people post about upcoming events as well which is pretty helpful when it comes to making real life connection and networking that further helps to grow your business. Whether you are involved in construction or wedding planning, LinkedIn is the social media platform where you can be connected to the right prospects and professionals.
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5.      Getting answers to hard-hitting business questions

LinkedIn also has Answers and Groups sections where you can ask questions relevant to your business and you will get reliable and helpful answers to these tough questions from the experts in the field. This also works both ways, you can answer questions that you are the specialist of. Small business owners have to often face tough questions whether it’s about tax or online marketing in regards to their business. So, LinkedIn is a great source for trustworthy information.

6.      Gain more business

Establishing yourself as the expert in your industry by sharing helpful information on different forums of LinkedIn helps you gain more business. Like mentioned above, you can answer questions related to your area along with sharing your expertise in different groups. You can do this by sharing useful blog content, infographics, articles, videos and other materials as well. Potential clients who come across your answers and profile in LinkedIn Answers search will see you as a dependable professional and will connect with you easily. Thus, helping you grow your business and increase your list of potential clients.

7.      Raise funding

LinkedIn is a place where you can not only find potential clients and outsource professional help for your business, this is a great place to find potential investors and mentors as well. LinkedIn has some 3 million startup professionals and more than 12 million small businesses which is great news for your startups. You can get guidance from the people who have already paved the way for you.
You just have to connect with them and convince them to mentor you, or help you raise funds for your new business. Your participation in LinkedIn groups, forums, what you post on your profile and your status updates can significantly help to make them see why they should fund you/your business and/or mentor you.
Hope these reasons help you make the decision easier. What other social media platforms do you think is best for small businesses? Share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you.

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