Winning Disruption Entrepreneur Award – 2017

The Business 3000+ Awards is one of the premier awards program for small business in Melbourne. It has been celebrating independent local small business within the city of Melbourne, their undertakings and achievements since 2004. With hard work and dedication they have contributed commercial success and added distinctive vivacity to the city.
At the 2017 Business 3000+ Awards, Prabin Gautam, the Digital Entrepreneur and highly sought after speaker was presented with Disruption Entrepreneur of the Year award in attendance of many small business operators from various industries.
Prabin believes ‘Disruption’ is not just “a technological shift”, but it is more about successful “business transformation” to adapt to unpredictable change in technology affecting the industry. It is how we change our way of doing the business, forming new strategy to gain more leads and get ahead of competitors, introducing new products that can change the shape of the society.
Back in 2013, he also won Young Entrepreneur Award.

“It was one of the best moment in his professional life.” said Prabin.

But after winning Disruption award, he is reminded that there is still massive opportunity and huge untapped market to explore.
As an entrepreneur, he has personally experienced the effects of rise and fall of various technology, most notably in Digital Marketing and Social Media. And the impact made by social media is what peaked his interest in Disruption.
Social media has drastically changed the way we live, the way we carry out daily activities, how the market operates and the way we conduct business. Some disruptions in industry has limited and short term effects, while there are some that leave a lasting impact in everyone’s life.
For example- iPod revolutionised the way we listen to music, iPhone revolutionised the smartphone market, Facebook revolutionised the way we connect with our friends and family, Uber changed the way we travel, and right now Alibaba is changing the way we shop in our daily life.
These are prime examples of what disruption is.
No matter which industry you belong to, you can either be prepared for Disruption, or be the one to Disrupt the market. The young entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners should keep their eyes on opportunities and when the time comes use their resources (limited or not) to achieve their business goals and get ahead of the competition.
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